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Fundamentals of Equine Facilitated Therapy

A Skills & Practice Training for Mental Health Professional

Ten Saturdays as follows:

15, 29 April | 
13, 27 May | 24 June | 8 ,22 July | 2, 23 Sept | 7 Oct  

All sessions: 09.00-14.00


This 10-week course for mental health practitioners is a mix of theory and experiential practise with our herd.

It offers an overview of the field of equine facilitated therapy (EFT), and includes the different models currently incorporated under the larger umbrella of Equine Therapies. 


We will study the horse/ human connection, and the non-verbal interspecies language that dances between horse, facilitator and clients. 


With the help of our herd, we will look at the role of the horse as therapist and understand how horses can be facilitated by the EFT practitioner to enable clients to understand their unconscious processes and habitual negative patterns. We will learn how the horses facilitate clients to change and make more meaningful, healthy, conscious and respectful choices in their lives.  

This course will also offer participants a personal journey of discovery, as they practise alongside our four-legged companions in the Red Horse herd. 

Red Horse Foundation is one of the few sole providers of Equine Assisted Therapy in the UK. Trainers Madeleine Cardani and Lisanne Peters are founders of Red Horse Foundation and have been practising EAT since 2010. 


Some experience with horses preferred. No riding required. 

Fee: £100.00 per session, Total £1,000.00

There's the option to pay the first week as a deposit (£100) or the optoin to pay in full (£1,000) for the 10 weeks.

Payment plans available. Please contact us for more details

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