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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide therapeutic support in our community, for people in distress and with a wide range of mental health challenges.


All therapy is facilitated by our mental health team, empowered by our natural space and our intuitive and gentle herd.

Our Values

Client Safety

We will always provide a safe, secure and private space for clients to explore, connect and heal.

Welcoming Space

Our aim is to embrace clients in our warm, natural and healing environment.

Calm Environment

To bring a sense of calm and stillness that enables clients to navigate their challenges.

Nurturing Nature

We continually nurture our site throughout the seasons, to re-stimulate the senses, with sights, sounds, and smells that all help to contribute to the healing process.



To partner experienced professionals with each individual client to ensure a client centred approach that is guided by a clear code of professional ethics:

Long Term Vision

That our service is available to, and easily accessed by, all members of our community on a non-exclusive basis.  ​


That Red Horse Foundation provides an established and effective integrated mental health service for the local community and beyond.

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