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Meet our herd



Brannan is the alpha male of the herd. He is a leader with plenty of personal power and is anxious to please.

He likes to spend time together with his favourite mare, Running Deer.

Brannan teaches us about positive leadership and the correct use of power.

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Chipmunk - or Chippy as we all call him, is the newest member of our herd, but has settled in very quickly. He is a Shetland pony and only 8 hands high yet has a real presence.


You might find him wondering about the site when you come to visit as stables aren't really his thing.


Chippy is a very good diplomat and reminds us that size isn't important!

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Running Deer

Running Deer is Brannan’s mate and the look-out for the herd, and always on guard for any changes in the environment, big or small.

Deer is very assertive and responds only to those who mean what they say. Her style is ‘no nonsense‘, but she is very kind to those in need.​

Deer teaches us about assertiveness, self-reliance and clear communication.

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(Twny Nudd)

​Sugar is very bright and quick to learn.

She loves food and is very independent.


She holds her own amongst the bigger horses and Brannan lets her share his hay.

Sugar may be little, but she is bold and will step forward to lead the herd when the others are uncertain.

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Buffalo Bill 

(Billy Rainbow)

Buffalo Bill is a Gypsy Cob and was found abandoned in a bus shelter. We imagine he was living with gypsy/travellers who had no more use for him.

He is a soft and gentle character who has been taken advantage of and used and abused in the past.

He has a stunning black and white mane and beautiful feathers, that make him our cover boy. There is more to Billy than meets the eye.

Horses we have loved and lost


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