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Natural Horsemanship

Our holistic approach to horsemanship and riding means lessons generally comprise two elements. In the first half you will build a relationship with your horse on the ground. The second part of the lesson will be spent riding.

The focus of teaching will be on observing the body language of the horse, you will be taught to communicate with and listen to your horse. If mutual respect is built before riding, the horse will be more willing to participate, focus better and be safer once you are in the saddle.

We welcome all ages and all types of riders at Red Horse. Our teachers have a combination of both BHS and natural horsemanship trainings and our prices are competitive.

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Fears & Phobias

​We specialise in helping people overcome their fears and problems
be it loss of confidence after a fall, struggling with your own horse, or just wanting to overcome a fear of being close to horses.

Our small, relaxed yard offers a welcoming and safe environment.

Our teachers offer kind, unpressurised support and will go at a pace that is right for you.

Our horses are very used to nervous riders but remain alert and interested and sensitive. Whatever your fears around horses are we are here to help.

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