Meet The Horses


Brannan is the alpha male of the herd. He is a leader with plenty of personal power and is anxious to please.

He likes to spend time together with his favourite mare, Running Deer.

Brannan teaches us about positive leadership and the correct use of power.

Running Deer Horse

Running Deer

Running Deer leads the herd with her mate Brannan.

She is the look out, and always on guard for any changes in the environment, big or small.

Deer is very assertive and responds only to those who mean what they say. Her leadership style is ‘no nonsense‘, but she is very kind to those in need.

When in season she likes to flirt with Jaffa, but her heart remains firmly with Brannan.

Deer teaches us about assertiveness, self reliance and clear communication.


Bella has beautiful soulful eyes. She’s a real girl.

She has not always been treated well in the past and we think she may have had a difficult time with a foal. For these reasons she can be grumpy, but get past the grumpy exterior and you will find the the softest sweetest mare.

Bella likes to spend time with Jaffa and Sugar.

Sparke by Night Horse at Red Horse Founation
Jaffa Horse at Red Horse Founation


Jaffa is the elder statesman of the herd. Jaffa has been there, seen it done it and got the T-shirt !

He was a racehorse in his young life. He has done dressage, and when he sees a tiny jump he still thinks he has to leap over it at great speed.

Jaffa always likes to know where Bella is, and falls madly in love with Running Deer in spring.

Jaffa is an absolute gentleman and teaches us about gentleness, affection, patience and how to grow old very gracefully.

Sugar (Twyn Nudd)

Sugar is the littlest and youngest of the herd.

She is a very bright and quick to learn. She loves food and is very independent. She holds her own amongst the bigger horses and Brannan lets her share his hay.

Sugar may be little, but she is bold and will step forward to lead the herd when the others are uncertain.

Sugar Horse at Red Horse Founation
Buffalo Bill Horse at Red Horse Founation

Buffalo Bill (Billy Rainbow)

Buffalo Bill  is a Gypsy Cob and was found abandoned in a bus shelter. We imagine he was living with gypsy/travellers who had no more use for him.

He is a soft and gentle character who has been taken advantage of and used and abused in the past.

Before his time at Red Horse Foundation he was lucky enough to find an owner who helped him overcome many of his fears and learn to trust life again.

He has a stunning black and white mane and beautiful feathers, that make him our cover boy. There is more to Billy than meets the eye.

Fearless Freddy

Freddy was part of the Red Horse herd from the beginning and passed away unexpectedly in the wet winter of 2014.

He had come from a very difficult and abusive past. He was Lisanne’s horse and she spent many hours over a period of 4 years ‘gentling’ him, before he was able to bring his magic to the clients. Freddy had a profound effect on all who worked with him.

We are deeply grateful for Freddy’s life and the gift that his early suffering brought to all who knew him.

Fearless Freddy orse at Red Horse Founation