Upcoming Events

For more information about any of these events or to reserve a place please call 07963 863453 or email enquiries@redhorsefoundation.org.

All our events are for people aged 18+, except for ‘Own a Pony Days’ which are for 7-11 year olds.

Open Day

Thursday 11th April 2019 10-1pm, Saturday 14th September 2019 1-3pm

An opportunity for the curious to drop by and say hello. Whether you are a neighbour who has always wondered what goes on here, a parent who thinks we might be able to help their child, a health professional who wants to know how to access our services or someone who feels it might be time for some personal exploration come and meet our horses, chat to a member of staff and experience the tranquility of the Red Horse site.

Free of charge

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Own a Pony Day

Wednesday 22nd May 2019, Tuesday 6th August, Wednesday 14th August, Thursday 22nd August, 2019 9.30am-2.30pm

An opportunity for children aged 7-11 to experience what it is like to have their own pony. They will get the opportunity to build a relationship with one member of our herd over the course of the day by completing activities including feeding, grooming and playing with the horses at liberty.

£40.00 per child (reductions available for 2+children)

Rest and Recuperate with the Herd

Saturday 10th August 2019 10am-1pm

Time out from the stress-inducing pressures of life by tuning into “horse time”. The horse herd lead the way in showing us how to calm ourselves, just to be, to expand and to enjoy the moment.

Observing and interacting with the horse herd offers us an opportunity to relax our nervous systems and recharge our batteries.

£55.00 per person

Jaffa Horse at Red Horse Founation
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Friends of Red Horse : work day

Sunday 29th April, Sunday 28th July, Sunday 29th September and Sunday 24th November 2019 10.00am - 3.30pm.

An opportunity to support the work Red Horse does and find out a bit more about us. Come along and spend a couple of hours helping our yard team with maintenance tasks around the beautiful Red Horse site.

After a seasonal lunch there will be an opportunity to meet our herd and ask staff any questions you may have about Equine Assisted Therapy. Join us for one or more sessions!

£15.00 contribution requested

Way of the Horse

Saturday 16th March 2019, Friday 7th June, Saturday 12th October 2019 10am-4pm

A taster day for those interested in Equine Assisted Therapy.

We will spend time inside and outside in nature with the horses, with the opportunity to develop a relationship and communicate with one or more of our herd during the day.

Suitable for counsellors, therapists, those in the caring professions or anyone interested in personal development.

£100.00 per person (concessions available on request)

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Equine Assisted Therapy: Skills and Practice

Starts Thursday 9th May 2019 10-1pm, running weekly for 4 weeks, with a further 4 weekly sessions starting 20th June 2019

A course for those wanting to learn more about Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT); whether you are just starting out or are qualified and wanting to deepen your practice.

We aim to offer an overview of the field of EAT and current developments. The content will include a range of current methods and practice. We will study the horse/human connection. With the herd we will look at the horse as therapist and how horses can be facilitated by the EAT practitioner to enable clients to make meaning and healthy choices in their lives. There will be space offered for feedback and personal development. Participants will be encouraged to practise exercises and skills introduced between the sessions. We aim to offer a personal journey of discovery in the work of EAT and expand your practice.

£75.00 per session, with a commitment to attend all 8 sessions.

Pony time for Mums

Wednesday 15th May, Saturday 28th September 2019 10am-1pm

Looking to reconnect with your childhood passion? Or nurture a growing interest? Want to be with horses, but not necessarily ride them? Come and connect with one of our herd as you join in our daily routine and take some time out for yourself.

£55.00 per person

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